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Butachlor herbicide for rice

However, they might injure rice in some conditions. black singers male 2023The study delineates the effect of repeated application of butachlor to rice crop from 1997 onwards. calexico west port of entry sentri hours of operation

. 2% and 82. The present study reports a new bacterial isolate identified as Pseudomonas putida strain G3 that can be used for the efficient biodegradation of butachlor, a. .


Category of Use : Herbicide.

1)) is a chloroacetanilide class of chemistry and is the herbicidal active ingredient in Machete®[1].

Penoxsulam + butachlor 820 g/ha resulted into the highest number of effective tillers and grain yield (5.

PDF | On May 28, 2020, Bijan Yaghoubi and others published Study on Butachlor phytotoxic effects on rice in paddy fields.

. Butachlor, a chloroacetanilide herbicide, (N-[butoxymethyl]-2-chloro-2, 6′-diethylacetanilide), is commonly used in rice fields 3. . Formulation : Emulsifiable Concentrate.

Soil samples were collected at harvest from farmers’ field to study the status of butachlor residues. In Asia, barnyard grass was confirmed for the first time to be resistant to both chloroacetamide (butachlor)-and acetanilide (propanil)group herbicides commonly used in direct-seeded rice in China. .

(90%) and pretilachlor 1000 g/ha (91%).
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In water, the half-life of Buta ranges from 1. In water, the half-life of Buta ranges from 1.

(90%) and pretilachlor 1000 g/ha (91%). In water, the half-life of Buta ranges.

Apply pre-emergence herbicide 2−3 DAS.

It is used as a selective pre-emergent herbicide. 75 kg ha^{-1}, 50% of recommended rate, co-application of rice bran pellet at a rate of 1 Mg ha^{-1} enhanced weed control value from 63% to 75%.

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Read:. (90%) and pretilachlor 1000 g/ha (91%). . , 2015; Chang et al.

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9–108% with relative standard deviations (RSDs) less than 15% at three different fortified levels for. Therefore, it is. .