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Get loose from synonym

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0 / 0 votes get off verb. release. work free. having worked partly free from attachments.

Best synonyms for 'get loose' are 'come loose', 'let loose' and 'be loosened'.

Translations for get lost.

1 floating, free, insecure, movable, released, unattached, unbound, unconfined, unfastened, unfettered, unrestricted, unsecured, untied, wobbly.



Learn the definition of 'get loose'.

Synonyms for loose include lax, loosened, slack, slackened, insecure, limp, unsecured, flaccid, sloppy and unrestricted. The STANDS4 Network. Synonyms and related words. let loose verb (lets loose, let loose, letting loose) let go verb (lets go, let go, letting go) set free verb (sets free, set free, setting free) to let loose – express audibly; utter sounds (not necessarily words) 1.

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comes loose.
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have a meltdown.

Synonyms and related words +-Free and independent. Synonyms and related words.

It can mean “to foreshadow vaguely,” as in “a childhood interest in ants that adumbrated a career in biology”; it can mean “to suggest or outline partially,” as in “a few sentences that adumbrate the plan”; and it can mean “to overshadow or obscure,” as in “a. +.

Define To get loose.

having relative freedom of movement. Advertisement Advertisement pramodh83 pramodh83 Answer: dropped.


b (of attitudes, ways of life, etc.

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Lost On the other hand Lost is the past tense of lose. Synonyms and related words. become loose. get free.

6 (of funds, cash, etc. come apart. loose talk. .

If someone is befuddling you, that means they are confusing you.

When you are not able to find something since long, we use the word lost. loose: [adjective] not rigidly fastened or securely attached. 7.

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Mar 16, 2017 · When you’re trying to decide between lose and loose, consider whether you’re looking for an adjective or a verb.

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