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“The expropriation occurred when the project was not yet in operation and had yet to generate revenue. toyota yaris mpg 2014generati. time to learn chinese meme meaning

Oct 21, 2021 · There are several benefits to adopting revenue operations in a business. . raise money. Business development is not a synonym for sales.

In business, revenue generation means that a company takes active steps and measures to generate income by selling its goods and services.


income generation.




5 billion. Revenue Generation And Sales Improvement Icon. . to cause something to exist: 2.

generating. Search for synonyms and antonyms Classic Thesaurus. Jan 5, 2022 · Revenue generation is not simply sales or marketing; it's an operating strategy that touches every part of an organization.

generating revenue.
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Best synonyms for 'revenue generation' on this page are 'revenue-producing', 'revenue producing' and 'resource generation'. g.

Revenue-generating synonyms - 23 Words and Phrases for Revenue-generating. income generation; revenue-generating process; The Revenue Generation Process.

It is the top line or gross income figure.

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synonyms. Best synonyms for 'revenue generation' on this page are 'revenue-producing', 'revenue producing' and 'resource generation'. ge. For an individual, generating revenue means doing things that will eventually lead to the creation of income to the person.

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